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First Book of Machabees

(excluded from most "bibles of men")

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Chapter 8

Yes Word (Tyndale-Modern English)


      Judas heard also the fame of the Romans, that they were mighty and valiant men, and agreeable to all things that are required of them, and make peace with all men, which come unto them, and how they are *doughty men of strength. Besides that it was told him of their battles and noble acts which they did in Galatia, how they had conquered them, and brought them under tribute: And what great things they had done in Spaine, how that with their wisdom and sober behavior they had won the *Mines of the silver and gold the are there, and obtained all the land, with other places far from them: how they had discomfited and slain down the kings that came upon them, from the uttermost part of the earth, and how other people gave them tribute every year: How they had slain and over come Philippe and Perses king of the Cethim, and other more ( in battle ) which had brought their ordinance against them: How they had discomfited great Antiochus king of Asia ( that would needs fight with them ) having an hundred and twenty Elephants, with horsemen, chariots, and a very great host: how they took himself alive, and ordered him ( with such as should reign after him ) to pay them a great tribute, yee and to find them good sureties and pledge: besides all this, how they had taken from him India, Media and Lydia ( his best lands ) and given them to king Eumenus. Again, how they perceiving that the Greeks were coming to vex them: sent against them a captain of an host, which gave them battle, slew many of them, led away their wives and children captive, spoiled them, and took possession of their land, destroyed their strong holds, and subdued them to be their bond men, unto this day: Moreover, how that as for the other kingdoms of the Isles, which sometime withstood them, they destroyed them, and brought them under their dominion: But helped ever their own friends and those that were confederate with them, and conquered kingdoms both far and nye: and that whosoever heard of their renown, was afraid of them: for whom they would help to their kingdoms, those reigned: and whom it liked not them to reign, they put him down: And how they were put to great prominence: having no king among them, neither any man clothed in purple, to be magnified there through but ordered themselves a *parliament, where in there sat three hundred and twenty Senators daily upon the council, to dispatch ever the business of the people, and to keep good order: And how that every year they chose a Mayor, to have governance of all their land: to whom every man was obedient, and there was neither evil will ner dissention among them.
      Then Judas chose Eupolemus the son of Jhon, the son of *Jacob, and Jason the son of Eleazar, and sent them unto Rome *for to make friendship and a bond of love with them: that they might take from them the bondage of the Greeks, for the Jews saw that the Greeks would subdue the kingdom of Israel. So they went unto Rome ( a very great journey ) and came to the *Parliament and said: Judas Maccabeus with his brethren and the people of the Jews hath sent us unto you, to make a bond of friendship and peace with you, and ye to note us as your lovers and friends. And the matter pleased the Romans right well, wherefore it was written up: of the which the Romans made a writing in tables of Latin and sent it to Jerusalem: that they might have by them a memorial of the same peace and bond of friendship, after this manner: God save the Romans and the people of the Jews both by sea and by land, and keep the sword and enemy from them for evermore. If there come first any war upon the Romans or any of their friends throughout all their dominion, the people of the Jews shall help them ( as the time requireth ) and that with all their hearts. Also they shall neither give nor send unto their enemies victuals, weapons, money ner ships: but fulfill this charge at the Romans pleasure, and take nothing therefore. Again if the people of the Jews happen first to have war, the Romans shall stand by them with a good will, according as the time will *suffer. Neither shall they give unto the Jews enemies, victuals, weapons, money nor ships. Thus are the Romans content to do, and shall fulfill their charge without any deceit.
      According to these articles, the Romans made the bond with the Jews. And now after these ( said they ) if any of the parties will put to them, or take anything away from them: they shall do it with the consent of both: and whatsoever they add unto them or take away from them, it shall stand fast. And as touching the evil that Demetrius hath done unto the Jews, we have written unto him, saying: Wherefore layest thou thy heavy yoke upon the Jews our friends and lovers ? If they make any complaint of thee again unto us, we shall defend them, and fight with thee by sea and by land.

*doughty (brave) *parliament, (kjv= senate house) *Jacob (kjv = Accos),
*for to make friendship and a bond of love with them: (kjv = a league of amity and confederacy) *Parliament (senate). writing in tables of *Latin ( kjv = tables of brass)
*suffer (allow)

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