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First Book of Machabees

(excluded from most "bibles of men")

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Chapter 4

Yes Word (Tyndale-Modern English)


      Then took Gorgias five thousand men of foot, and a thousand of the best horsemen: and removed by night, to come nye where the Jews host lay, and so to slay them suddenly. Now the men that kept the castle, were the conveyers of them. Then arose Judas to smite the chief and principal of the kings Host at Emmaus, for the army was not yet come together. In the mean season came Gorgias by night into Judas tents: and when he found no man there, he sought them in the mountains, and thought they had been fled away because of him. But when it was day, Judas showed himself in the field with three thousand men only, which hath neither harness ner swords to their minds.
      But on the other side, they saw that the Heathen were mighty and well harnessed, and their horsemen about them, and all these well expert in sets of war. Then said Judas to the men that were with him: Fear not ye the multitude of them, be not afraid of their violent running: remember how our fathers were delivered in the reed sea, when Pharaoh threatened them with a great Host.
      *Even so let us also cry now toward heaven: and the Lord shall have mercy upon us, and remember the covenant of our fathers, yee and destroy this Host before our face this day: And all the heathen shall know, that it is God himself, which delivereth and saveth Israel.
      Then the Heathen lift up their eyes, and saw that they were coming against them, they went out of their tents in to the battle: and they that were with Judas, blew up their trumpets. So they buckled together, and the Heathen were discomfited and fled over the plain field: but the hindmost of them were slain. For they followed upon them unto *Assaremoth, and unto the fields of Idumea toward Zrot and Jamnia: so that there were slain of them upon a three thousand men. So Judas turned again with his Host, a said unto the people: Be not greedy of the spoils we have yet a battle to fight: for Gorgias and his host are here by us in the mountains, but stand ye fast against our enemies, and overcome them: then may ye safely take the spoils.
      As Judas was speaking these words, there appeared one part of them upon the mount. But when Gorgias saw that they of his party were fled, and the tents burnt up ( for by the smoke they might understand what was done ) they perceiving this were very sore afraid: and when they saw also that Judas and his host were in the field ready to strike battle, they fled *everychone into the land of the Heathen.
      So Judas turned again to spoil the tents, where they got much gold and silver, precious stones, purple and great riches. Thus they went home and sung a song of thanksgiving and praised God in heaven: for he is gracious, and his mercy endureth forever: And so Israel had a great victory in that day.
      Now all the Heathen that escaped, came and told Lysias everything as it happened. Wherefore Lysias was sore afraid and grieved in his mind, because Israel had not gotten such misfortune as he would they should, neither as the king commanded. The next year following, gathered Lysias *threescore thousand chosen men of foot, and five thousand horsemen, to fight against them.
      So they came into Jewry, and pitched their tents at Bethoron, where Judas came against them with ten thousand men. And when he saw so great mighty host, he made his prayer and said: Blessed be thou ( O' saviour of Israel ) which didst destroy the violent power of the giant, in the hand of thy servant David, and gatherest the host of the Heathen into the hand of Jonathan ( the son of Saul ) and of his weapon bearer.
      Put this host now into the hand of thy people of Israel, and let them be confounded in their multitude and horsemen. Make them afraid, and discomforteth the boldness of their strength, that they may be moved through their destruction. Cast them down through the sword of thy lovers, then shall all they that know thy name, praise thee with thanksgiving.
      So they struck the battle, and there were slain of Lysias host, five thousand men. Then Lysias seeing the *discomfiting of his men, and the manliness of the Jews, how they were ready, either to live or die like men: He went unto Antioche, and chose out men of war: that when they were gathered together, they might come again into Jewry. Then said Judas and his brethren behold: our enemies are discomfited: Let us now go up, to cleanse and to repair the Sanctuary.
      Upon this, all the host gathered them together, and went up unto mount Sion.
      Now when they saw the Sanctuary layed waste, the altar defiled, the doors burned up, the shrubs growing in the courts, like as in a wood upon mountains, yee and the priests Cells were broken down: They rent their clothes, made great lamentation, cast ashes upon their heads, fell down flat to the ground, made a great noise with the trumpets, and cried toward heaven.
      Then Judas appointed certain men to fight against those which were in the castle till they had cleansed the Sanctuary. So he chose priests that were undefiled, such as had pleasure in the law *of God: and they cleansed the Sanctuary, and bare out the defiled stones into an unclean place. And for so much as the altar of burntofferings was unhallowed, he took advisement, what he might do with all: so he thought it was best to destroy it ( least it should happen to do them any shame ) for the Heathen had defiled it, and therefore they break it down. As for the stones they layed them upon the mountain by the *house in a convenient place: till there came a prophet to show, what should be done with them.
      So they took whole stones according to the law, and builded a new altar such one as was before, and made up the Sanctuary within and without, and hallowed the courts. They made new ornaments, and brought the candlestick the altar of incense, and the table in to the temple. The incense layed they upon the altar, and lighted the lamps that were upon the candlestick, that they might burn in the temple. They set the show bread upon the table, and hanged up the veil, and set up the temple, as it was afore. And on twentieth fifth day of the ninth month, which is called the month Casleu, in the hundred and forty eighth year: they rose up by times in the morning for to do sacrifice ( according to the law ) upon the new burntoffering altar that they had made: after the time and season that the Heathen had defiled it. The same day was it set up again, with songs pipes, harps, and cymbals.
      And all the people fell upon their faces, *worshipping and *thanking the God of heaven which had given them *victory. So they kept the dedication of the altar eight days offering burnt sacrifices and thankofferings with gladness. They decked the temple also with crowns and shields of gold, and hallowed the ports and cells, and hanged doors upon them. Thus there was very great gladness among the people, because the *blasphemy of the Heathen was put away. So Judas and his brethren with the whole congregation of Israel, ordained, that the time of the dedication of the altar should be kept in *his season from year to year, by the space of eight days, from the twentieth fifth day of the month Casleu: and that with mirth and gladness.
      And at the same time builded they up the mount Sion with high walls and strong towers round about: lest the Gentiles should come and tread it down, as they did afore. Therefore Judas set men of war in it, to keep it: and made it strong, for to defend *Bethsura: that the people might have a refuge against the *Edomites.

*Even so let us also cry now toward heaven: and the Lord shall have mercy upon us, (jkv and other bibles of man = IF : if peradventure the Lord will have mercy upon us)
*Assaremoth, (kjv= Gazera) *everychone (every each one) *threescore thousand (60,000; score =20) *discomfiting (frustrate, defeat)
the law *of God: (kjv and other bibles of man: leaves out "of God") *house (kjv and other bibles of man= temple) *worshipping and thanking (kjv and other bibles of man =praising) *victory ( kjv =good success). *blasphemy (kjv= reproach)
*his (kjv = their) season. (*Edomites ...kjv = Idumea.) Bethsura = Heb "house of the rock" Edomites = Heb "red" descendants of Esau, or those that have sold their birthright.

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