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First Book of Machabees

(excluded from most "bibles of men")

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Chapter 16

Yes Word (Tyndale-Modern English)


      Then came Jhon from Gaza, and told Simon his father, what Cendebeus had done among their people. Upon this called Simon two of his eldest sons, Judas and Jhon, and said unto them: I and my brethren and my fathers house, have ever from our youth up unto this day, foughten against the enemies of Israel, and *God gave us good fortune to deliver Israel often times. And now for so much as I am old, be ye instead of me and my brother, to go forth and fight for our people, and the help of God be with you. So he chose twenty thousand fighting men of the country, with horsemen also, which went out against Cendebeus and rested at Modin.
      In the morning they rose, and went into the plain field: and behold, a mighty great host came against them, both of footmen and horsemen. Now was there was a water brook betwixt them, and Jhon removed the host toward them. And when he saw that the people were afraid to go over the waterbrook, he went over first himself: and the men seeing this, followed him.
      Then Jhon set his horsemen and footmen in order, the one by the other, for their enemies horsemen were very many. But when they blew up the priests trumpets, Cendebeus fled with his Host, whereof many were slain, and the remnant gat them to their strong hold. Judas also Jhons brother was wounded at the same time. And Jhon followed still upon the enemies, till he came to Cedron which he builded. The enemies fled also unto the towers that were in the fields of Azotus, and those did Jhon burn up. Thus there were slain of two thousand men of them, and Jhon turned again peaceably in to Jewry.
      And in the field of Jericho was Ptolemy the son of Abobus made captain: which because he had abundance of silver and gold( for he had married the daughter of Simon the high priest ) waxed *proud in his mind, and thought to conquer the land, imagining falsehood against Simon and his sons, to destroy them. Now as Simon was going about through the cities, that were in the country of Jewry, and *caring for them: he came down to Jericho, with Matathiah and Judas his sons, in the hundred and seventy seventh year, in the eleventh month, called Sabat. Then Ptolomy the son of Abobus received them ( but with deceit ) into a strong house of his called Doch, which he had builded, where he made them a banquet.
      So when Simon and his sons were merry and had drunken well, Ptolomy stood up with his men ( whom he had hid there ) and took their weapons, entered into the banquet house, and slew Simon with his two sons, and certain of his servants. Such great unfaithfulness did Ptolomy in Israel and recompensed evil for good. Then wrote this Ptolomy the same unto king Antiochus, requiring him that he should send him an host to help him: and so should he deliver him the land, with the cities and tributes of the same. He sent other men also unto Gaza, for to take Jhon: and wrote unto the captains to come to him, and he should give them silver, gold, and rewards.
      And to Jerusalem he sent other, to take it and the Sanctuary.
      Then ran one before, and told Jhon in Gaza that is father and his brethren were slain, and how that Ptolomy had sent to slay him also. When Jhon heard this he was sore abashed, and layed hands of them that were come to destroy him, and slew them: for he knew, that they went about to kill him.
      As for other things concerning Jhon, of his wars, of his noble acts,( wherein he behaved himself manfully ) of the building of walls which he made, and other of his deeds: they are written in the chronicles of his priesthood, from the time forth that he was made high priest after his father.

*God gave us good fortune to deliver Israel often times. (kjv =things have prospered so well in our hands, that we have delivered Israel oftentimes.) *proud in his mind, (kjv= his heart being lifted up) *caring for them: (kjv = taking care for the good ordering of them)

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