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The Chronicles of the Kings of Juda The First Book

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Chapter 5

Yes Word (Tyndale-Modern English)


      The sons of Ruben the eldest son of Israel: for he was the eldest. But because he defiled his fathers bed, his birthright was given unto the sons of Joseph the son of Israel, and so he is not reckoned unto the birth right. For unto Juda which was mighty among his brethren, was given the principality before him. But the birth right was given Joseph. The sons then of Ruben the eldest son of Israel, were Henoch, Phalu, Hezron and Carmi.
      The sons of Joel: Samaiah, and his son Gog, and his son Semei, and his son Micah, and the son of him was Reaiah, and his son was Baal, and Beerah was his son. Which Beerah Thiglath Phalneser, King of Assiria carried away: for he was a great Lord among the Rubenites. But unto his brethren in their kindreds, when they are reckoned after their birth, were Jeiel and Zachariah the chief heads.
      And Bala the son of Azan the son of Sema the son of Joel, dwelt in Aroer and so forth unto Nebo and Baalmaon. And eastward he inhabited until the wilderness, even upon the river Euphrates, for their cattle was much in the land of Galaad.
      And in the days of Saul they warred with the Hagarites which were overthrown by their hands. And they dwelt in their tents throughout all the east land of Galaad.
      And the Children of Gad dwelt over against them in the land of Basan, even unto Selcah. And in Basan Joel was the chiefest and Sapham the next, then Jaanai and Saphat. And their brethren in the ancient households of them, were Michael, Mosolam, Seba, Jorai, Joacan, Zia, Eber and Senen. These were the children of Abihail the son of Hurl the son of Jeroah Galaad the son of Michael the son of Jesisai the son of Jahado the son of Buz. Ahi was the son of Abdiel the son of Guni the head of an ancient household among them. And they dwelt in Galaad and in Basan and her towns, and in all the suburbs of Saron, even unto the end of their borders.
      And they were all reckoned by kindreds in the days of Jotham king of Juda, and in the days of Jeroboam king of Israel. The sons of Ruben of Gad and of half the tribe of Manasse, even of fighting men able to bear shield and sword, and shoot with bow, and taught to make war, were four and forty thousand seven hundred and three score that went out to battle. And they fought with the Hagarities and with Jesur, Naphas and Nobab. And they were help against them, and the Hagarites were delivered into their hands with all that were with the Hagarites. For they cried to God in their battle, and he heard them, because they trusted to him. And they took of their cattle fifty thousand camels, and two hundred and fifty thousand sheep, and two thousand asses, and of the people an hundred thousand: for there fell many dead because the war was of God. And they dwelt there in their steads until the time that they were carried away.
      And the children of half the tribe of Manasse dwelt in the land, from Basan unto Baal Hermon and Samir and unto mount Hermon, and they were many. And these were the heads of the ancient households of them: Epher, Jesi, Eliel, Azriel, Jeremiah, Hodaiah, Jehadiel, men of great power, men of name and heads of the ancient households of them.
      But when they had transgressed against the God of their fathers and had gone awhoring after the Gods of the people of the land, which God destroyed before them, God stirred up the spirit of Phul King of Assiria and the spirit of Thiglath Phalneser King of Assiria, and carried away the Rubenites, the Gaddites and the half tribe of Manasse, and brought them unto Helah, Habor, Hara and to the River Gozan, where they remain unto this day.

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