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The Book of Wisdom

(excluded from most "bibles of men")

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Chapter 2

Yes Word (Tyndale-Modern English)


      For the ungodly talk and imagine thus among themselves ( but not right: ) The time of our life is but short and tedious, and when a man is once gone, he hath no more joy ner pleasure, neither know we any man that turneth again from death: for we are born of naught and we shall be here after as though we had never been. For our breath is as a smoke in our nostrils, and the words as a spark to move our heart. As for our body, it shall be very ashes that are quenched, and our soul shall vanish as the soft air. Our life shall pass away as the trace of a cloud, and come to nought as the mist that is driven away with the beams of the *Son, and put down with the heat thereof. Our name shall be forgotten by little and little, and no man shall have our works in remembrance.
      For our time is a very shadow that passeth away, and after our end there is no returning, for it is fast sealed, so that no man cometh again. Come on therefore, let us enjoy the pleasures that there are, and let us soon use the creature like as in youth. We will fill ourselves with good wine and ointment, and there shall no flower of the time go by us. We will crown ourselves with rose afore they be withered. There shall be no fair meadow, but our lust shall go through it. Let everyone of you be partaker of our *voluptuousness. Let us leave some token of our pleasure in every place, for this is our portion, else we get nothing. Let us oppress the poor righteous, let us not spare the widow, ner old man, let us not regard the heads that are gray for age. Let the law of unrighteousness be our authority, for the thing that is feeble is nothing worth. Therefore let us *defraud the righteous; And why? He is not for our profit, yee he is clean contrary to our doings. He checketh us for offending against the law, and sclander us as transgressors of all nurture. He maketh his boast to have the knowledge of God, yee he calleth himself Gods son. He is the betrayer of our thoughts: It grieveth us also to look upon him, for his life is not like other mens, his ways are of another fashion. He counteth us as but vain persons, he withdraweth himself from our ways as from filthiness: he commendeth greatly the latter end of the just, and maketh his boast that God is his father. Let us see if his words be true, let us prove what shall come upon him: so we will know what end he shall have. For if he be the true son of God, he will receive him and deliver him from the hands of his enemies. Let us examine him with despiteful rebuke and tormenting, that we may know his dignity and prove his patience. Let us condemn him with the most shameful death: for like as he hath spoken, so shall he be rewarded.
      Such things do the ungodly imagine, and go astray, for their own wickedness hath blinded them. As for the mysteries of God, they understand them not: they neither hope for the reward of righteousness, ner regard the worship that holy souls shall have. For God created man to be undestroyed, yee after the image of his own likeness made he him. Nevertheless through envy of the devil came death into the world, and they that do hold his side, do as he doeth.

*Son: cap S and exactly as found in the text, and they did spell son: sonne and sun: sunne different. *voluptuousness. (sensory wantonness) *defraud (cheat by deceiption)

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