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The Book of Tobiah

“Jehovah is good” (excluded from most "bibles of men")

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Chapter 1

Yes Word (Tyndale-Modern English)


      Tobiah was of the tribe and city of Nephtali, which lyeth in the high countries of Galilee above Naason the way toward the west, having the city of Sephet upon the left side.
      Though he was taken prisoner in the days of Salmanasar king of the Assirians, nevertheless being in captivity, he forsook not the way of the truth: In so much that whatsoever he might get, he parted it daily with his fellow prisoners, and brethren, that were of his kindred. And although he were younger than all in the tribe of Nephtali, yet did not he behave himself childishly in his works. And when all the other went to the golden calves, which Jeroboam the king of Israel had made, he himself alone fled all their companies, and gat him to Jerusalem unto the temple of the Lord, and there worshipped the Lord God of Israel, faithfully offering of all his first fruits and tithes, so that in the third year he ministered all the tithes unto the strangers and converts. These and such like things did he according to the law of God, when he was but young.
      But when he was a man, he took out of his own tribe a wife called Anna, and of her he begat a son, whom he called after his own name, and taught him from his youth up, to fear God, and to refrain from all sin.
      Now when he with his wife, his son and with all his kindred was come in captivity unto Nineve, what time as they all ate of the meats of the Heathen, he kept his soul, and was never defiled in their meats. And for so much as he was mindful of the Lord in all his heart, God gave him favor in the presence of Salmanasar the king, which gave him power to go where he would, and so had he liberty to do what him list.
      So went Tobiah unto all them that were in prison, and comforted them, and gave them wholesome exhortations. And when he came unto Rades a city of the Medes, having ten talent of silver ( of the things wherewith the king had honoured him ) and saw among a great company of people of his kindred, one called Gabelus (which was of his own tribe ) being in necessity, he gave him the said weight of silver under an handwriting.
      After an long season when Salmanasar the king was dead, and Sennaherib his son reigned in his stead, which hated the children of Israel. Tobiah went daily throughout all his kindred, and comforted them, and gave of his goods to every one of them, as much as he might: he fed the hungry, clothed the naked, and buried the dead and slain, and that diligently.
      And when Sennaherib the king came again and fled out of Jewry ( what time as God punished him for his blasphemy ) and in his wrath slew many of the children of Israel Tobiah buried their bodies. But when it was told the king, he commanded to slay him, and took away all his goods. Nevertheless Tobiah with his son and with his wife fled his way, and was hid naked, for there were many that loved him. But after fourteen days the king was slain of his own sons. Then came Tobiah again to his house, and all his goods restored unto him.

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