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Third Book of Esdras

“help” From the Hebrew (excluded from most "bibles of men")

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Chapter 1

Yes Word (Tyndale-Modern English)


      And Josias held the feast of Easter in Jerusalem unto the Lord, and slew the Passover the fourteenth day of the first month. He set the Priests also in order ( according to their daily courses ) being arrayed in long garments in the temple of the Lord. And he spake unto the Levites the holy ministers of Israel, that they should hallow themselves unto the Lord, to set the holy ark of the Lord, in the house that King Solomon the son of David had builded, and said: Ye shall no more bear the ark upon your shoulders. Now serve your Lord, and take the charge of his people of Israel, after your villages and tribes: according as King David the King of Israel hath ordained, and according as Solomon his son hath honorably prepared: yee look that ye all do service in the temple, according to the ordering and distribution of the principal men which are appointed out of the tribes, to do service for the children of Israel. Kill the Passover, and prepare offerings for your brethren, and do according to the commandment of the Lord, which he gave unto Moses. And unto the people that was found Josias gave thirty thousand of sheep, lambs, kids, and goats, and three thousand oxen. These the King ( of his kingly liberality ) gave unto the people, according as he had promised: and to the Priests for the Passover, he gave two thousand sheep, and a hundred oxen. Moreover, Jechonias and Semeias, and Nathanael brethren, and Hasabias, Jehiel, and Josabad gave them to the Passover, five thousand sheep and five hundred bullocks.
      And when these things were brought to pass, the Priests and the Levites stood goodly in their order, and had the unleavened bread throughout the tribes. And after the ordering of the principal men in the tribes, they offered unto the Lord in the sight of the people, according as it is written in the book of Moses, and so they roasted the Easter lamb as according was. As for the thankofferings and the other, they *dight them in kettles and pots, and set them before the people with good will, and afterward before themselves, and the Priests. For the Priests offered the fat, until the time was expired, but the Levites prepared for themselves and for their brethren the children of Aaron. The singers also the children of Asaph stood in their order, according as David had devised. So did Asaph, Zachary and Jduthun, which were appointed by the king. Moreover the porters and door keepers stood by the doors and diligently, so that none went out of his standing and service: for their brethren ( the Levites ) prepared for them. Thus were all things performed, that belonged to the offering of the Lord. In that day they held the Passover, and offered thanksgivings beside the sacrifice of the Lord, according to the commandment of king Josias.
      So the children of Israel which were then present held an honorable Passover, and the feast of sweet bread seven days long. Yee such a Passover was not kept in Israel from the time of the Prophet Samuel. And all the kings of Israel held not such an Easter, as this which king Josias held, and the priests and the Levites, the Jews and all Israel, of aliens that were at Jerusalem. And in the eighteenth year of the reign of Josias was this passover kept. And with a perfect heart did king Josias order all his works, before the Lord, and the things that were written of him in times past, concerning those that sinned and were ungodly against the Lord before all people, and that sought not the word of the Lord upon Israel. After all these acts of king Josias, Pharao the king of Egypt went up and came toward Carcamis by Euphrates, and Josias went to meet him. Then sent the king of Egypt unto Josias saying: What have I to do with thee, O king of Juda? I am not sent of the Lord to fight against thee, for my war is upon Euphrates, go thou thy way home again in all haste. And Josias would not turn again upon his chariot, but undertook to fight against him, and hearkened not unto the word of the prophet, which he told him out of the mouth of God, but pitched a battle against him in the field of Mageddo. And the princes pressed to king Josias. Then said the king unto his servants: Carry me away out of the battle, for I am sore wounded. And immediately his servants took him away out of the front of the battle. Then sat he up upon the second chariot, came to Jerusalem, died, and was buried in his fathers sepulchre. And in all Jewry they mourned for Josias, yea the rulers also with their wives made lamentation for him unto this day: And this was done ever still in Israel.
      These things are written in the book of the stories of the kings of Judah, namely, all the acts and works of king Josias, his kingly power and majesty, his understanding in the law of God, and what he did, yee things which are not written in the book of the kings of Israel and Juda. And the people took Jechonias the son of Josias and made him King instead of Josias his father, when he was thirty three years old. And he reigned over Israel three months. And the king of Egypt put him down, that he should not reign in Jerusalem, and raised up a tax of the people: namely, an hundred talents of silver and one talent of gold. The king of Egypt also made Joachim his brother king of Juda and Jerusalem. As for them of the kings counsel with the king himself and Zaraceles his brother, he took them, and carried them away prisoners into Egypt. Five and twenty years old was Joachim, when he was made king in the land of Juda and Jerusalem, and he did evil before the Lord. After this, Nabuchodonosor the King of Babylon came up, bound him with bands of iron, and carried him unto Babylon. Nabuchodonosor also took all the vessels that were hallowed in the temple of the Lord, and all the jewels, and carried them unto Babylon. Of his uncleanness and ungodliness, it is written in the book of the acts of the kings. And Joachim his son reigned in his stead: He was made king being eighteen years old, and reigned but three months and ten days in Jerusalem, and did evil before the Lord. So after a year Nabuchodonosor sent and caused him to be brought unto Babylon with the holy vessels of the Lord, and made Sedechias his brother king of Juda and Jerusalem, when he was twenty one years old: and he reigned eleven years.
      And he did evil also in the sight of the Lord, and cared not for the words that were spoken unto him by the prophet Jeremy at the mouth of the Lord. And where as he made an oath unto king Nabuchodonosor, he manswore himself, and fell from him having a stiff neck and a heart, and transgressed all the statutes and ordinances of the Lord God of Israel. The rulers also and heads of the people of the Lord did much evil, and became ungodly more than the Heathen, being defiled in all manner of abominations: Yee and defiled the holy temple of the Lord at Jerusalem. And the God of their fathers sent his messengers unto them, to turn them back and call them again from their sins: for he would faine (obligated / willing, happily) spared them for his holy tabernacles sake Nevertheless, they had his messengers in derision (contempt): and look what God spake unto them by his prophets, they made but sport of it. This drew on so long till the lord was wroth with his people for their ungodliness, and till he caused the kings of the Caldees to come up, which slew their young men with the sword, yee even in the compass of their holy temple, and spared nobody, neither young ner old, neither maiden ner young man: but they were all deliver into the power of the kings of the Caldees, and all the holy vessels of the Lord and the kings treasures took they, and carried them away unto Babylon. As for the house of the Lord, they burnt it, and brake down the walls of Jerusalem, set fire upon her towers, destroyed all her noble buildings and brought them to nought, and the people that were not slain with the sword, they carried unto Babylon.
      Thus became they prisoners and bondmen of the king of Babylon, till they were delivered and reigned for themselves, when the words of the Lord were fulfilled, which he promised them by the mouth of the prophet Jeremy, and till the land had her rest: namely, all the time that it lay waste: had it rest and quietness seventy seven years.

*dight (boiled)

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